Detailed the third anniversary event of Pokémon GO

It seems that Niantic plans to celebrate the third anniversary of Pokémon GO in style. Today has detailed the event.

According to the shared, the celebrations begin tomorrow and include some interesting novelties such as Alola Pokémon variocolores. This is the message that has been shared:


It is said that the third is the vanquished. The Pokémon journey begins by choosing between three Pokémon. Your trip on Pokémon GO involved the choice of one of the three teams. Today we celebrate the third anniversary of the release of Pokémon GO! During this incredible journey, we have treasured innumerable memories.

To commemorate this incredible moment, you will be able to enjoy these exciting functions.

New functions from June 28 to 22:00 CEST (1:00 PM PDT)

  • Aloe-shaped variocolor Pokémon : you will be able to find Aloe-shaped vario-color Pokémon like Rattata, Sandshrew, Vulpix, Diglett, Meowth, Geodude, Grimer and Exeggutor.
  • Team leader avatar items: avatar items with personal styles of team leaders will be available in the Fashion Store.

From June 28, 2019 to 22:00 CEST (13:00 PDT) until July 6, 2019 at 22:00 CEST (13:00 PDT)

  • A familiar face will join the party! : once a day you will have the opportunity to meet Pikachu with a party hat when taking a photo of GO Snapshot. Pichu with festive cap can also hatch from eggs of 7 km.

From June 28, 2019 to 22:00 CEST (13:00 PDT) until September 2, 2019 at 22:00 CEST (13:00 PDT)

  • Restart the investigation : do you want to catch up on the investigation? Do you have a friend who wants to play but thinks he has missed too many things in Pokémon GO? Do not worry! The Coaches will be able to complete new special investigations to obtain useful prizes that will restart their new adventures or those that are already underway. This special investigation will only be available during the summer for players of level 10 or higher; so be sure to tell your friends this opportunity to join and get special prizes.
  • Raid bonus : defeat raid bosses faster and earn Honor Balls bonus bonus to catch them when you participate in raids with your friends.
  • Less Star Dust costs to exchange : swapping Pokémon will cost you ¼ less Star Dust.

Remember, Trainers: play more with friends this summer to get the most out of the raids and exchanges.

We could not have achieved this epic milestone without all of you. Thanks, Coaches, for that constant passion you show for Pokémon GO and for joining us in this fantastic adventure. Or as our favorite teacher would say: «Come on!»

-The Pokémon GO team

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