Deoxys, Mewtwo and more legendary, Dates to capture

Deoxys, Mewtwo and more legendary; New opportunity to get some of the most special creatures of the Niantic game. Take note, the month of September stomps.

Deoxys: Date to Capture

The month of September is full of legendary hours in Pokémon GO . The incursions of the popular Niantic title on iOS and Android – which last August billed 110 million dollars on the occasion of the arrival of Team Rocket – have left us these first days to Raikou , Entei and Suicune , but there is more. Deoxys , Mewtwo and another to announce are still on the way.

September 11-25 – Legendary raids for everyone

Leas us where you read, there is one thing shared by all legendary hours of this September: are held from 18: 00h to 19: 00h . From six to seven in the afternoon the gyms will be invaded on September 11 , 18 and 25 with some of the most emblematic species in the history of the saga, especially the first generations of Game Freak. There is one of them that we still do not know, but the bets are many.

The first will be Deoxys on September 11 . The time does not change, but the method regarding what we were used to. To say that it is an ideal opportunity to capture this Psychic Pokémon is not a banal comment; Until now he was the head of the EX Raids … that require an invitation. Not now. In addition, during this legendary hour its appearance if it will shoot with respect to the usual legendary raids. Almost any gym will be led by Deoxys from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on that Wednesday day.

Next is Mewtwo , a fantastic classic of the lore of the saga. Little can we say about him that we don’t know. On September 18, the following Wednesday, this powerful creature so used competitively awaits us. The time does not change: from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on level 5 raids. Once again, this type of raid will increase its frequency of occurrence during those sixty minutes.

Finally, September 25 , but what legendary will be present that day? We do not know, but it will be a legendary Pokémon and will be present in that strip.

September 16: Teselia arrives (5th generation)

Before finishing, we recommend taking a look at all the investigations , rewards and shiny Pokémon confirmed for this September. The really important thing of this month of September is the arrival of the species of the 5th generation (Teselia) this September 16 . There are only a few days left before at least some of the species, which are all confirmed in the code. If you don’t want to gut yourself, you better wait for the time to come.

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