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In today’s competitive world, in order to survive and succeed, current managers must think and act strategically. Today’s customers are well-educated, aware of their choices and demand excellence. For this reason, managers should constantly think about how they should consolidate a capable workforce and manage in a way that provides the goods and services that provide the best possible value to the customer. For this reason, the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña offers the master in Business Administration, with an updated program of globalized vision, seeks to respond to all the needs that today affect the professionals.
Objectives of the programme
Enable graduates to upgrade academically and professionally from new knowledge and theoretical, methodological and technical approaches related to business administration and management. Use and apply specific methods for the generation of diagnoses, approach of objectives and analytical evaluations of a company, that support the decision making, the design and the implementation of strategies suitable to the environment, with a perspective That contributes to competitive advantages.
To develop the capacity to strategically analyze the contingencies presented by the business life.
Participant profile
The business administration is aimed at professionals in the areas of business administration, marketing, as well as professionals, managers, executives, new business entrepreneurs and executives from companies and institutions that wish to update Their knowledge. It must possess an analytical, reflective, critical, creative, guiding and with a promoter capacity that allows it to have active and leading participation in economic and social development, that is capable of interpreting historical structures, Economic, social and political aspects of the country in order to rationally capture its reality, adopting a scientific position in the face of these various problems.
Occupational field
The solid training obtained in the Master in Business administration of the National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU), specializing in strategic business management, international business, finance and marketing, give the participant Tools to perform in today’s different globalized markets. With our entrepreneurial approach, the graduate becomes a generator of new companies producing goods or services. It will be able to perform in planning, implementation and management of investment projects.  Graduates of this master’s degree, are trained to manage and work with a greater specialization in any manufacturing or service company, dictate pre and post-graduate teaching in any higher education center in the country and, eventually, Continue doctoral studies at any university in the country or abroad.
Our methodology is totally interactive involving tools such as the case method and business simulators, practices with companies, talks of famous entrepreneurs, access to a SME center for the Promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation, one of the The most important libraries in the country with the latest technologies and updated information, a Business Center for the development and strengthening of networking, among other good practices that favor the learning and the integral development of the professional.

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