Pokémon GO: trick to defeat a single attack charged to your opponent in PvP

The Trainer Encounters is the new PvP mode of Pokémon GO that is now available to all users, who have already challenged hundreds of friends and users to get Sinnoh stones; however, there is a trick that will allow you to defeat them in one fell swoop .

As you know, each Pokémon has a loaded attack that can be changed, if it is not efficient, by using a loaded MT, but thanks to the PvP mode of the Niantic augmented reality game , the coaches will be able to obtain another loaded attack as long as use a quantity of candy and stardust.

This means that in the Trainer Encounters and within Pokémon GOraids , users can have two attacks loaded, which is beneficial for gamers if one of the movements can be resisted by the enemy.

Pokémon GO

It is common for users to play Pokémon GO with one hand even when they attack gyms or participate in raids, since the charged attack will always do the same damage; However, this does not happen in the PvP mode , because having this movement enabled, the faster we hit the smartphone’s touchscreen, the more damage the “skill” will cause.

Attack Loaded

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