Darkrai is a level 6 raid boss in Pokémon GO

Unlike the other Pokémon alternatives for the mobile device market, Pokémon GO is still a consolidated app with a lot of support from both the fans and the developer; which means that it will continue to be updated for several more seasons with new content and special events.

However, something that has in common with other Nintendo mobile applications is that Pokémon GO has also decided to celebrate the month of October with a special Halloween or Halloween event , in which it intends to get the most terrifying of the Pokémon; And he probably has.

Niantic confirmed that as of October 17, players could enjoy a series of Halloween- related initiatives , including a greater presence of Dark Pokémon from Team GO Rocket in the Poképaradas , including Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lapras, Mareep, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Sableye, Trapinch, Cacnea, Shuppet and Duskull. There is also the possibility of finding a variocolor Yamask .

The Niantic app has also been decorated with “creepy” themes in the fashion store, offering items to disguise our avatars such as a Zubat or Mimikyu backpack, a Pikachu monkey and a Cubone or Litwick cap.

Of course, this is not all. Until November 1, the rate of appearance of Ghost and Sinister Pokémon (such as Gastly, Murkrow and others) in their wild forms, in eggs and in raids has been increased. In addition, Yamask debuts for the first time in the app. The Pokémon may also be disguised in costumes and accessories based on Pokémon much more terrifying.

All these options are accompanied by more special field research of the season and other incentives to participate in the Pokémon GO event , such as twice as many Candies per Pokémon capture, hatching and transfer .

The Dark Pokémon debuts in Pokémon GO: Darkrai

The Halloween event could not only be fun and entertaining. Scare and be scared is a priority during these holidays, so Niantic decided to launch a new raid boss in Pokémon GO that will surely test your nerves.

It is nothing less than Darkrai , the “Dark Pokémon”, known in the series for his ability to appear at night causing other endless nightmares at will. Those who are trapped in their dreams cannot wake up unless Darkrai so desires, or the effect is counteracted by Cresselia or a Moon Feather .

Darkrai is a Level 6 raid boss

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As you can see, his single description already makes him the perfect character to be a raid boss in Pokémon GO during Halloween . However, what really scares about Darkrai is that he has debuted in the application with a level of 6 stars; the level of difficulty hidden in the game for the most powerful Pokémon . This translates into more health and a significant increase in their attack power.

Darkrai is in fact the second most powerful raid boss that has appeared in Pokémon GO with a CP of 65,675 . This means that players should focus on gathering Fighting and Bug-type Pokémon , to take advantage of their weaknesses; However, with such an increase in power, this does not make much difference.

Not even a group of three level 40 players could face Darkrai in his current form in Pokémon GO , even using Pokémon against which he is weak. This has generated controversy in the community, because fans have had to put together groups of four or more coaches to be able to defeat him, which for many is not possible.

The best option is to gather a group of more than 4 friends before facing it. The downside is that even if you manage to add it to your Pokédex in Pokémon GO , Darkrai won’t do much for gyms or future raids, taking into account how difficult it is to get Candies to make it viable.

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