Woman claims to have seen her husband’s ghost while playing Pokémon GO [VIDEO]

On YouTube , a woman claimed that by playing Pokémon GO she managed to see the ghost of her deceased husband just a few months ago. Its history has left thousands of users on social networks speechless .

Thousands of YouTube users have been more than surprised to hear the testimony of a woman, who claimed to have had a paranormal experience playing Pokémon GO in her home.

As this YouTube video revealed to us , after several months of the heartfelt death of her husband, she decided to download and play Pokémon GO without imagining that she would run into her partner’s ‘ghost’.

Since the arrival of Pokémon GO in 2016, thousands of users were fascinated with this application that allows you to transport the ‘ pokémon ‘ to real life; so much was the fanaticism of this game that thousands of YouTube users told their experiences with this app, which have left thousands surprised in the social network.

A recent YouTube video told us that by far it is one of the most controversial cases related to Pokémon GO ; It is so a woman named Alicia Alicante of 28 years decided to reveal the strange phenomenon that she could witness when she played the famous Niantic application .

The woman told her story and has perplexed thousands of YouTubeusers since she said she saw the ghost of her deceased husband, when he played Pokémon GO in his home. It all started when her husband died just a few months ago, when a heart attack ended the life of the young computer engineer.

Depressed by the depression she felt, the woman decided to play Pokémon GO to de-stress and clear her mind for the heartfelt loss that she experienced; nevertheless, great was his surprise when playing the game he managed to discover a strange silhouette that appeared behind one of the pokémon that appeared in the application.

And is that the woman revealed on YouTube that when she was alone in her room, a Gastly appeared, which appeared along with the silhouette of a man, who was hiding in a corner of the room. The woman claimed that it was the ghost of her partner, who had died only a few months ago.

The video has left thousands of YouTube users speechless who were more than surprised by the controversial testimony of the young woman, who claimed to have seen her husband’s ghost, when he played Pokémon GO.

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