Community Day Turtwig: Guide, Bonus and recommendations

Community Day Turtwig, September 2019

Community Day Turtwig 2019, we review everything we know and the recommendations to take full advantage of the three hours of the event. Go for the perfect Torterra.

As each month, it’s time to put everything ready for the next Community Day Turtwig will star. It has been an intense summer, full of events and many kilometers of roads, but this last quarter of the year will be marked by the always exciting arrival of a new generation, the 5th ; although before that we will say goodbye to the fourth with the initial Sinnoh Plant type.

September 15 from 11: 00h to 14: 00h (CEST)

The first thing is to prepare the agenda with the dates: September 15 . We return to the usual daytime schedule, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (Peninsula and Balearic Islands) / 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Canary Islands). A total of 180 minutes where the appearances of Turtwig in a wild way will be triggered with the opportunity, in addition, that it appears in a shiny / variocolor form if we have a bit of luck.

Exclusive movement: this is Planta Feroz

As it is also fortunate that we have during that day the opportunity to learn an exclusive movement for its latest evolutionary form, Torterra (Turtwig> Grotle> Torterra), specifically Fierce Plant . To learn it, we must evolve to Turtwig during the Community Day celebration hours or, failing that, up to 60 minutes after it ends. Never later than that time.

As a small analysis of Planta Feroz, it is a movement with 100 base damage and 38.5 DPS, a very useful attack that Meganium and Sceptile already learned at the time; Ideal for incursions with Pokémon of Earth, Rock or Water type. We insist that this movement cannot be learned in any way in Torterra on a regular basis.

Bonus and recommendations for Community Day Turtwig

No less important are the bonuses . As every month, Community Day Turtwig arrives accompanied by several positive handicaps. In this case, the Bait Modules will last three hours (instead of one hour), which serve to attract Pokémon of a specific type around us; depending on the type of Bait Module we use.

On the other hand, Star Dusts become x3 for each capture. That is, every time we capture a Pokémon, regardless of whether it is Turtwig or not, we will receive triple Star Powder, the item needed to boost a Pokémon or learn a new movement.

The recommendations that we can give you for this September Community Day do not vary much with respect to what we usually do: we must be well equipped with everything we need.

It is not to anyone’s liking to run out of Poké Ball or useful objects such as Pinia Berries (more candies per catch) or Frambu Berries (simpler catches). So we recommend that during the days of Friday and Saturday you collect Poké Ball (possibly Ultra Ball) in the Poképaradas and collect all the Berries that you think may be of your use.

Also, free as much as possible the bag of Pokémon so that it does not fill you: it is very likely that you start capturing dozens of Turtwig and you run out of space.

Finally, if you are still on the road to reaching the desired Level 40, we recommend using a Lucky Egg or all you have to increase the number of experience points in each action x2.

Good luck to everyone on September Community Day, for the perfect shiny Torterra!

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