Community Day Trapinch Date has been announced

Community Day Trapinch

Pokémon GO is fully up to date. The augmented reality game developed by Niantic Labs has just added this week to the 5th generation Pokémon located in the region of Teselia. A lot of new creatures are already available and it’s time to go outside to catch them.

However, apart from this great news for fans of the franchise, today we have been able to know when it will be one of the most important events of Pokémon GO that takes place every month for a short time

Niantic has published the date of October Community Day. This will take place on Saturday, October 12 and this time the outstanding Pokémon is Trapinch the Earth-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 3. The monthly event will take place between 11 am and 2 pm local time.

Trapinch is an earth type Pokémon that evolves to Vibrava and later to the Dragon type Flygon Pokémon which presents a really interesting combination of types.

During the Pokemon Go Community Day Trapinch in October, players will receive three times more XP per capture and three-hour baits instead of on average. The exclusive Trapinch movement is unknown for the moment, so we will remain attentive to new information.

If you are fully involved in catching all the new Pokémon, you cannot miss our guide on the strongest Pokémon to attack gyms after the arrival of Gen 5  or  how to get Teselia Stone and what you should know about this object .

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