Community Day October rumors in Pokémon Go

The Pokémon Go Community Day for October is less than a month and the trainers still don’t know which Pokémon will be the protagonist.

Even before it was announced, it wasn’t exactly a secret that Turtwig would be the headliner in September. This is due to Niantic’s increasingly known pattern of using initial Pokémon to head odd months.

So far, they have gone through the initials for each generation and by Pokedex number. This also means that we can expect to see Chimchar on November Community Day.

However, now we return to an even month, which makes it harder to guess which will be the main Pokémon. We know that it is not an initial, and if Niantic continues in the same line as until now, it will be a Pokémon that has more than one evolution.

Is it time to catch Trapinch?

It has been rumored that Trapinch would arrive at the community day, something that has been repeated since the beginning of the year. But so far it has been overlooked, leaving the post to other Pokémon like Ralts and Slakoth.

The harmless-looking Earth-type Pokémon is not particularly menacing at first sight, but evolves into the mighty Flygon. Despite its appearance and name, it is not really a flying type Pokémon at all, but rather it is an Earth and Dragon type.

Could it be Gible?

Like Flygon, Gible and its evolved forms are also dual and dragon-like. It is a favorite of coaches and is not a common sighting in Pokémon Go.

It was added to the game in May 2019 as part of a batch of additions from the fourth Generation. However, it has remained a rare Pokémon and has occasionally been inside 10 km eggs.

Given this, we could be waiting until 2020 to see a day of the Gible Community, but the coaches will hope to see it in October, although it may be unlikely compared to Trapinch.

Other contestants?

We haven’t seen a Kanto Pokémon on a community day since December 2018 and even this was part of an end-of-the-year event that brought several Pokémon.

Some classic Pokémon options are Rhyhorn, Porygon and Abra, although the first two would break the rule of the two evolved forms.

The Pokemon Go Community Day October will take place on October 12. Niantic is expected to announce the protagonist within the next few days. Maybe with the coming of the day to the holiday of Halloween, we actually find a Ghost-type Pokémon.

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