Community Day November 16, 2019: Guide for (Chimchar)

Community Day November 16

When is the Community Day November event celebrated on Pokémon GO?

This Community Day is celebrated on November 16, 2019 . The three hours of the event are more accessible than those of the previous day of the community. From 11:00 to 14:00 you will have the option to get Chimchar  and all the exclusive rewards. 

Why not miss the Community Day November 16 of Pokémon GO?

  • You can get many Chimchar.
  • The duration of the bait modules will be increased up to 3 hours. Remember to use them when the event has started.
  • There is more chance of getting a Shiny or variocolor Chimchar.
  • The distance needed to hatch the eggs is reduced to a quarter.
  • Don’t forget that Chimchar is one of the most interesting fire type Pokémon.
  • The exclusive movement is FULL RING (only for Infernape).
Community Day November
Community Day November

How to make the most of Community Day November 16 in Pokémon GO

Below you have a series of tips with which to get the most out of the three hours this event lasts.

Take advantage of the event from the first minute

Prepare to be ready as soon as the event begins. Make sure you have eaten and gathered energy to face a tough afternoon of catching Pokémon. This month the time is a little more accessible, so take the opportunity to locate a good site and wait for the event to begin.

Move through areas with many pokeparadas

Before Community Day begins, make sure you are in an area that has many pokeparadas . Ideally, there are several meetings to take advantage of its range in case you decide to stop to rest. Large parks are the best option for these types of events.

Arm yourself with many baits and incenses

If you have baits and incenses available, reserve them for this day. Both objects will allow you to increase the number of captures considerably. Also, remember that each bait will last three hours. 

Use Lucky Eggs to increase your XP even more

You already know that for 30 minutes this object increases the experience gained by each capture. Use it to get more XP points.

Try to get a variocolor Chimchar

It is not an easy task, but the chances of getting this Pokémon in Shiny mode increase with this event. Chimchar will be available in this rarity more regularly so don’t miss the opportunity. 

Do the trick of quick capture

When you are in the process of capturing a Pokémon, and before you throw the ball, with the hand opposite the throw you must drag the ball of the interface (right or left) to the opposite side, and without releasing that finger from the screen, with The other make the ball throw. This will save you after the animation of the capture and you can go for other Pokémon that have come out around.

With these tricks you should get the most out of Community Day November 16, 2019 . If you have more doubts about it, do not miss the rest of the guides we have prepared, such as  the new goals and rewards of Adventure Sync,  the best Pokémon to defeat Regigas ,  how to get Meltan with Pokémon Let’s Go and without him ,  what Pokémon can leave in the eggs of 2km, 5km, 7km and 10km , or  all the research and rewards tasks of the month of November 2019 .

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