Community Day in Pokémon GO on May 19, 2019

Throughout this guide for Community Day May 19, 2019 of Pokémon GO , which will have Torchic as protagonist, you will have a series of tips and tricks to make the most of it and get each of their rewards.

We have a new community day in Pokémon GO , and this time giving prominence to the friendly Torchic, a third-generation fire type pokémon. In this way, all PokémonGO coaches must prepare for an event where we will have a series of advantages that we should take advantage of to the fullest.

Not only will you be able to capture Torchic in Pokémon GO , but also get some rewards and even be lucky to add its variocolor form to the pokedex, although it will not be easy.

Pokémon GO: guide for the Community Day of May 19, 2019 (Torchic)

Here are all the keys so you can make the most of Community Day on May 19, 2019 of Pokémon GO that features Torchic.

When is the May Day event of the Community held on May Pokémon GO?

Well, as the headline clearly states, the event will be held on May 19 and will take place in the three hours that go from 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon (local time). This way you will have to eat early to be available for the three hours of the event.

Why should not you miss Community Day on May 19 Pokémon GO?

  • Because Torchic will appear more frequently in nature, and is a very interesting Pokémon
  • The duration of the bait modules will be increased to three hours, but use them once the event has begun
  • We will obtain triple stellar powders per capture
  • We will have more options to find a Torchic variocolor
  • We will discover a new movement for this Pokémon, so do not forget to also evolve it to Combusken and Blaziken

How to make the most of Community Day on May 19 in Pokémon GO

In the following lines you have the best tips to get the most out of the event that will last three hours on May 19.

Take advantage of the event from the first minute

You will only have three hours to take advantage of all the bonuses and meetings of this event. Since it is celebrated from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., we recommend that you eat that day early to be in your favorite park from the first minute. This way you will have greater options to also find the variocolor version of Torchic.

Move through areas with many pokeparadas

Even if you are used to going to your local park, for this type of event it is better to go to the big parks of your city. Not only will you have many more pokeparadas and creatures, but you can also meet many more people who are targeted to the event.

Arm yourself with many baits and incenses

Baits and incense should never be missing for an event of these characteristics. Just do not waste them before the event. Remember that the baits last for three hours as long as you use them during the event, but not before.

Try to get Torchic variocolor

Day Community Torchic Pokémon GO

During the three hours of the event the percentage of capture of a Torchic variocolor increases considerably. You will not have anything easy, but if you participate in the event from the first minute it is likely that you have greater possibilities.

Do the trick of fast capture

When you are in the process of capturing a Pokémon, and before you throw the ball, with the opposite hand to the throw you must drag the ball of the interface (right or left) to the opposite side, and without releasing that finger of the screen, with the other make the throwing of the ball. With this you will save after the animation of the capture and you can go for other Pokémon that have gone around.

With these tricks to take advantage of the Community Day event of May 19, Pokémon GO , you can get each of the rewards and bonuses during its three hours. 

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