Celebi arrives at Pokémon Go with a new series of special Investigations August 2018

Pokémon GO: Celebi arrives with a new series

The legendary Pokémon Celebi arrives for Pokémon Go players with new special investigations that will be sent to us by Professor Willow. In the past Pokémon Go Fest players were already able to enjoy these investigations to get this unique Pokémon, and now it arrives worldwide.


In this new series of special Investigations, in addition to getting to Celebi, Niantic has reported that it will also be possible to obtain useful objects, to win PX and even to meet new Pokémon when completing the requirements that are sent to us. It is important that players know that, as a requirement to access these investigations, they must have completed at least the third phase of Mew’s special investigations, and from this point go completing the two Pokémon to reach the end.

By capturing Celebi The coaches will receive a large batch of candies in order to increase their level, although, as with Mew, they will need enough more to elevate their power to the fullest. With this, Niantic has also reported that, along with Celebi, New Pokémon will arrive from the region of Johto never seen before, so it could be some Pokémon like Smeargle, which we have not seen yet available in the game.

We still do not know what kind of research will be sent to us by Professor Willow on this occasion, what we know is that, as with Mew, will have several phases and great challenges that coaches will have to be completed to reach the time traveler, the ultimate goal That will wait for us to join in our adventure if we can catch him. So be prepared as the next August 20 arrives the investigations to get Celebi in Pokémon Go.

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