Pokémon GO: PokeStop and gyms at risk for a trial +VIDEO

he demand of the affected ones indicates that the people in charge of transferring private properties are not the players, but Niantic to place the locations.

Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO , would have to eliminate PokéStop and Gyms that are close to private properties, and establish a system to prevent future locations of their augmented reality game from asking players to be too close to other people’s houses, if the proposal that a group of people who sued the company in 2016 is accepted by a Californian judge, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Three years ago, when Pokémon GO was at its peak of popularity, the plaintiffs blamed Niantic for players entering or passing too close to their property . Now, said group continues to hold the company responsible for people entering their property to capture Pokémon or to obtain items from a PokéStop, and they have sent a list of petitions to Niantic and to the judge who, if the latter approves it, will change the development of augmented reality games in the future.

So far, it is the players, as individuals with rights and obligations, who were responsible for acts such as entering the garden of a private home to catch a Pokémon. If the judge accepts the claim of the plaintiffs, the company, the game and / or will also be responsible for it , and will have to implement a system so that it does not happen.

The plaintiffs ask in their proposal of agreement that Niantic make “commercially reasonable efforts” so that when a Pokemon Pokémon or Pokémon Gym is closed for entry to another’s property, the location disappears from the game within a maximum period of 15 days and report of it. Also, the owners of individual houses will have the right that those points of interest in the game are not less than 40 meters from their homes. All this would be done through a database that would collect all the complaints made about it.

The thing is not there, because they also ask that Niantic introduce a system to automatically detect attitudes that the plaintiffs consider problematic. For example, if Pokémon GO detects that close to an Incursion there are ten or more players, “a message will appear on their screens reminding them to be polite and respectful of their surroundings”. They will also have to work with map services to mitigate this type of problems and have mechanisms so that the authorities of parks and public places can avoid events in the game while the workers are working.

Finally, it is requested that for three years, Niantic hire an external audit firm to check that everything detailed is fulfilled. If the judge agrees with the plaintiffs, Niantic would have to add more expenses: each of the people who signed the lawsuit will receive 884 euros (1000 dollars), and the law firm that takes the case, more than 7 million euros and almost 115,000 euros for expenses .

In other news about Pokémon GO, a Valentine’s Day event is currently being held that increases the appearance rate of pink Pokémon. In addition, coaching matches have increased their complexity by introducing movements with changes in statistics .

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