Pokémon GO: Feebas stars in the new limited research task event

Pokémon GO
, which recently has been involved in controversy by a gym in the castle of Corbera , started the year with the event Eclosionatón with which players could enjoy bonuses for hatching Eggs. The Niantic application has announced the arrival of a new limited research task event starring Feebas .

Through a statement on its official website , Pokémon GO has confirmed that Feebas , a water-type Pokémon, will star in its own limited research task event that will start on January 19. An event in which players will have to test their skills through a field investigation that, on this occasion, focuses on this particular species.W

With the new limited research the trainers will be able to capture this Water type Pokémon. To do this, users must turn the photodisk in nearby Poképaradas to obtain field research tasks that will lead them to encounters with Feebas. In addition, if they are lucky, they will be able to find a varicolored Feebas .

Feebas stars in the new limited research

Pokémon GO, fighting

The new event of research tasks for a limited time will start on January 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Spanish time . In this period there will be limited research tasks when rotating the photodisk in Poképaradas that, when completed, will offer the coaches encounters with Feebas , even in its variocolor version.

The Pokémon GO team warns that it is very important to explore , since the Feebas migrate quickly during limited research. In addition, they also remember that as long as the limited research tasks have been obtained during the period of the event, they can be completed at the player’s best convenience .

In order to get new field research tasks and find as many Feebas as possible, Pokémon GO remembers that coaches must venture and go through many Poképaradas . While you explore the famous Niantic app, do not forget to be on alert to avoid any danger and not disturb others.

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