These are the new features of the 1.99.1 / 0.131.1 update of Pokémon GO

Another new update has recently arrived to Pokémon GO . On iOS , players have received version1.99.1 and Android users have received the 0.131.1 . You can see all the news of these new updates below:

Complete notes of the patch:

  • Coaches can now challenge someone close to a Trainer Battle by scanning their Battle Code.
  • Coaches can send remote challenges from Trainer Battle to their Ultra Friends or Best Friends.
  • Coaches can also perform Trainer Battle against team leaders.
  • The Trainer Battle takes place in one of the three different Trainer Battle Leagues, and each one requires a team of three Pokémon.
  • Each Trainer Battle League has different limits of Pokémon CP.
  • New hair colors and skin tones will be available for trainer avatars.

List of changes:

List of changes:
Content for the Battles Trainer
New hair colors
New skin tones
New welcome screen

Additional notes: the update is currently being implemented and, therefore, is not available on all devices.

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