Pokemon Go: Community Day January | What to expect

Pokemon Go Community Day January Event
With the December Community Day behind us the Pokemon Go January event is already anticipated. Speculation has started as to which Pokemon will feature.

Potentially, there is over a month to go until the day itself. As a result, we may have to wait until around Christmas for an official announcement.

Which Pokemon?
There is one clear contender for which Pokemon will be the January headliner. That Pokemon is the generation two starting Pokemon, Totodile.

Observant Pokemon Go players will have noticed a pattern in Community Day Pokemon. Starting Pokemon have been the headlining Pokemon in odd months. Pikachu in January 2018, Bulbasaur in March 2018 and so forth.

Moreover, November’s Pokemon was Cyndaquil. Consequently, this leaves just Totodile of the gen 2 starting Pokemon.

Of course Niantic could always throw a spanner in the works to keep players guessing. However, given the current pattern and the fact it would be incomplete to exclude Totodile, the odds are the generation two water-type starter will be next.

Community Day 2018

MonthPokemonGenSpecial Move
FebruaryDratini1Draco Meteor
MarchBulbasaur1Frenzy Plant
AprilMareep2Dragon Pulse
MayCharmander1Blast Burn
JuneLarvitar2Smack Down
JulySquirtle1Hydro Cannon
AugustEevee1Last Resort
SeptemberChikorita2Frenzy Plant
OctoberBeldum3Meteor Mash
NovemberCyndaquil2Blast Burn
DecemberPrevious 11

Community Day January Date

The 2018 January Community Day took place on Saturday, January 20. This suggests the 2019 event could take place on the weekend of January 19/20.

However, given the December Community Day occurred over the weekend at the beginning of December, it could take place on January 12/13.

To clarify, nothing is confirmed at this point. Therefore, it could take place earlier than this. This would come as a surprise, though.

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