Pokémon Go: this is the Pokémon order in which you must spend the Sinnoh Stone

On November 30 a change was announced when it came to getting the Sinnoh Stone in ‘ Pokémon Go ‘, a title that as you know is compatible with the games’ Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu! ‘and’ Pokémon Let’s Go: Eevee! ‘ At first these objects were the final reward when we completed 7 field research tasks. However, this is now a random reward, out of 5 possible , when we complete the 7 research tasks . That is to say, it has become very complicated to get it unless we are very lucky.

The Sinnoh Stones are one of the most scarce resources of the game , and are essential to evolve many Pokémon that, before the fourth generation, did not have an evolution or have achieved a new one. That is why you should not waste them when you get one , and only use it in certain Pokémon. As you know, not all possible evolutions of the fourth generation have been activated, so in this list you will only see the active evolutions .

High priority:




Normal priority:




Low priority:






Weavile is one of the surprises we found when using the Sinnoh Stone. It is a very good option as Ice and as a Sinister type attack . Electivire slightly surpasses Magnezone, mainly because it has access to a wide range of electrical type attacks . Roserade is the best poison type Pokémon currently available in ‘ Pokémon GO ‘, so it makes it an option to consider.

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