Dialga as new Legendary Pokémon in the raids

Pokémon GO, one of the most popular mobile games , does not cease in its efforts to incorporate new features that maintain its great mass of players. On February 27, the Pokémon Day was celebrated with a special event in the star work of Niantic, a date that marks the launch of the first video games of the Nintendo saga in 1996 . After allowing to capture Latias in the raids , the popular augmented reality game has announced the arrival of Dialga as a new Legendary Pokémon in the raids .

The title for mobile devices based on the successful Nintendo franchise, which already allows you to take photos of your favorite Pokémon , has confirmed through an official statement that Dialga will appear in the raids around the world until next March 28.

The Temporal Pokémon, of Steel and Dragon type, is already available in the Pokémon GO raids . With the power to control time making it slow down, go faster or stop altogether, in the myths of the Sinnoh region it is said that time began to advance when Dialga was born .

Dialga, Legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh

In order to capture Dialga, the Pokémon GO developer team advises coaches to make sure they assemble a team that includes Fight-and-Ground Pokémon in order to knock down this legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh region before it kills its Pokémon. with its special attacks.

This is a good opportunity to capture Dialga and thus complete the PokéDex . As usual, do not forget to be alert to your surroundings while enjoying Pokémon GO to avoid any kind of danger and not to disturb others.

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