New Pokémon have already reached Pokémon GO

Update: It has been confirmed that these new Pokémon have already begun to appear. For now they have discovered Tangrowth, Ambipom, Gallade, Lickilicky, Mamoswine, Yanmega and as babies Pokémon Mime Jr., Happiny and Bonsly. These evolutions are currently available and require a Sinnoh Stone to evolve. In addition, Shieldon, Glameow and Combee have also begun to appear savage.

Today without a doubt it seems a good day for the players of titles for mobiles. After learning about the unexpected announcement of Dr. Mario World , we have now learned that new Pokémon are on their way to Pokémon GO .

The information has been shared by the App Store , with an image where we can see some Sinnoh Pokémon like Tangrowth, Lickilicky and more. We leave it to you next:

https : // twitter . com / AppStore / status / 1091110868992045056

What do you think? We will be attentive to your availability, since for now it has not been shared when they will be available exactly.

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