Pokémon GO: images reveal battle sands and new cargo image (PHOTOS)

In the social networks already circulate the new images of the scenarios where the coaches will have epic battles and the new loading image of Pokémon GO .

Pokémon GO users are already preparing for the PVP of the Nianticaugmented reality game by completing field research tasks that reward base creatures that will be important Coach Encounters ; On the other hand, images on social networks have revealed what the battlefields and the new image of the video game will look like .

This new mode will have three leagues: Super, Hyper and Master, where the first will only allow creatures of 1500, the second league will have a limit of 2500 and the last will be unlimited PC. This will allow the battles to be balanced between all the Pokémon GO trainers and they can enjoy the Niantic game .

As is known, the Trainer Encounters will allow all users to have battles with the bots, which will be the same team leaders Instinct, Wisdom and Courage; On the other hand, the photographs allow us to know the new battle sands of Pokémon GO .

Team Instinto

Team Wisdom
Team Valor

Every time there is an important event in Pokémon GO , Nianticreleases a new load image that stays in the game for a long time. This representation will be dedicated to the Trainer Encounters , to which it was filtered by users in social networks.

New loading image of Pokemon GO

In the new cargo image created by Niantic you can see a fight between Lucario, who can be obtained from the Eggs of 10 km, and Electivire, which can be obtained in two ways; capture Electabuzz in wild mode or hatch 5km Eggs where Elekid will come out.

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