Niantic promises a new and exciting Pokémon GO adventure for 2019

f you have been following the official Twitter account of Pokémon GO , you will know that Niantic is remembering all these days in the last months of the application. Well, if we already have the Trainer Combats in mind, it seems that in 2019 could expect more surprises.

And, through the official Japanese account of the app, Niantic has stated that “an exciting adventure” will begin in Pokémon GO in 2019. He adds that from the company they expect everyone, including those who are already playing and those who are still They have not tried the game, be careful not to miss this new trip next year.

It should also be noted that the tweet has attached the illustrations with which the first and second anniversary of the game were celebrated. We leave it to you next:

As a trainer who has been in the Pokémon GO world since 2016, the new Pokémon GO journey begins in 2019. This exciting adventure awaits you, so please stay tuned!

What do you think it will be about?

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