Pokémon GO: guide to get more than 240 Meltan candies during the Christmas event

Before you use the mysterious box of meltan  in Pokémon Go , we ‘ll show a guide, for more than 240 candy of this legendary steel type.

The new Christmas event in Pokémon GO has been beneficial for all the users who have the mysterious Meltan box , since they could get more than 240 candies from this steel-like creature to be able to evolve it in Melmeltan . In the following lines we will explain each stage and how to obtain this amount of sweets.

Meltan reached the app Niantic along with the release of the video game Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee / Pikachu, which offered to all users of Pokémon GO a mysterious box provided when transferring a creature Let’s Go, the which contained this legendary steel-like creature with evolution.

In the last update of Pokémon GO , Niantic decided to increase the number of appearances of Meltan when we use the box in mention. Now you can leave between 18 and 19 copies of this legendary steel type, for 30 minutes.

This means that we can have between 54 or 57 per week; however, the first stage of the Christmas event of Pokémon GO consists of double candy for capture and transfer, that is, we can obtain between 108 and 114 candies. Not to mention that when we send a Meltan to the laboratory we will get 2 more candies.

Suppose we get 19 Meltan , of which only 1 is 100% IV, therefore, the other 18 will be candy. So, if we make this simple sum we would give the result of 150 candies. Now let’s go further. In Pokémon GO there are two pineapple berries that duplicate the obtaining of candies when we capture some creature, we generally receive 6 candies every time we use it; However, thanks to the Christmas event we can get 12 per capture.

Let’s go back, if you leave 18 to 19 Meltan from each box and we received 6 candies per capture this gives the result of 108 to 114 candies, when using the pineapple berry (normal or silver) we will get between 216 and 228 candies without counting the times we send to the laboratory a copy. Taking the previous sample, if we get one with 100% IV and the other 18 we transfer them we will have a total of 264 candies

These results can be given as long as no Meltan escapes you, as it would reduce the amount; In addition, we do not count the candies that can be obtained at the time of the transfer, since if you now make the exchange you will be able to receive at least 4 candies per day.

In the following Keibron video you will see the sum, but with a reduced number of Meltan appearances  .

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