Pokémon GO: Clamperl stars in the new limited research task event

Pokémon GO continues to release updates to keep its huge mass of players. The star work of Niantic recently unveiled its special Valentine’s event , which will be available until March 4, and a statistical improvement for the Trainer Combats . The title for mobile devices has announced that Clamperl stars in the new limited research task event .

The application based on the successful Nintendofranchise , which already allows you to take pictures of your favorite Pokémon , has confirmed through an official statement that Clamperl, the unique Water type Pokémon , will be the protagonist of a new event of limited research tasks .

Pokémon GO wants to test the skills of the players with the research tasks. On this occasion, Professor Willow wants to conduct a limited investigation on Clamperl , a Water type Pokémon. By rotating the photodisk in nearby Poképaradas , the coaches will receive the field research tasks that will lead them to meet this solid shell Bivalve Pokémon .

Double of Stardust when capturing Water type Pokémon

This new event of limited research tasks will take place on Saturday, February 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Spanish time . In addition to taking Clamperl, players will need to be aware of other Water-type Pokémon, such as Krabby and Wailmer , since pocket monsters of this type will appear in the wild more frequently during the event.

In the same way, during that date, users will also obtain twice as much Star Dust when capturing water-type Pokémon during the three-hour period . As for Clamperl, this creature may be closed in band during limited research, so it is very important to explore.

Since Pokémon GO remember that, once obtained, the limited research tasks during the period of the event may be completed when it best comes to the user . As always, do not forget to be alert to your surroundings while enjoying the augmented reality application to avoid dangers and annoy others.

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