Burmy in Pokémon GO: how to get all its forms

Burmy is a bug-type Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation of Pokémon, back in the Diamond and Pearl editions. This unique Pokémon presented as a special feature various forms of the same species that change according to the place of appearance and / or combat. Both he and his Wormadam evolution (if female) have up to three different forms based on the battlefield. Another peculiarity that accompanies this larva Pokémon is that in addition to Wormadam, if we get a male Burmy, we can get his other evolution, Mothim , which is common for any of the three Burmy that evolve.

As this Pokémon is, it is not surprising that many fans wanted to take their different forms with the arrival of the fourth generation Pokémon GO. If you are one of those fans collectors of each Pokémon species, you are in luck. Burmy was added on May 17 to Pokémon GO and in Nintenderos with the help of Nintendo Life we talked about the best way to find it.

Before starting, the fans thought it would be a regional Pokémon (as were Tauros or Mr. Mime) but it has been discovered that Burmy will not be a regional Pokémon.

Burmy in Pokémon GO

While we have said that Burmy is a Pokémon capable of changing form fighting in different areas in the main Pokémon saga, in GO it works in a slightly different way. In the game for mobile devices, Burmy will not change when fighting, but will remain with the way we capture it.

Its different variants are known as «layers» since what the Pokémon does is cover itself with materials from the terrain in which it is found. We will refer to them as forms, divided into Plant , Sand and Garbage . All appear with the entry 412 in the Pokédex.

Where to find them?

The secret to finding it has not yet been officially revealed, but it seems that players have begun to find patterns in their various appearances. The players of Silph Road Reddit have deduced that the locations of Burmy coincide with those of the main saga, independently of the region and / or if it is a pokémon by exclusive time.

This way we will find Burmy in the following way:

  • Burmy plant:  Parks, forests and places with grass.
  • Burmy sand:  Beaches and other environments with sand.
  • Burmy trash:  Urban areas such as towns or cities.

Wormadam and Mothim

The first thing to keep in mind for the evolution of this Pokémon is its genre. To make us Wormadam we will not have to eat our brains unlike its complexity in the main game saga, but it will be enough with 50 Burmy candies.

  • Wormadam plant:  Ser Burmy female plant and receive 50 Burmy candies.
  • Wormadam arena: Be Burmy female sand and receive 50 Burmy candies.
  • Garbage Wormadam: Be Burmy female garbage and receive 50 Burmy candies.

To get Mothim you must know that regardless of the layer or shape of your Burmy, you only need to be male and 50 Burmy candies to evolve to this form.

And good? It seems that to get Burmy and all its forms will have to travel a few kilometers. Will you go for them?

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