Bidoof Shiny will appear at the Lunar New Year Event

It will be the first time that the variocolor version of the 4th Generation creature is catchable in the game.

Yesterday we confirmed that Minccino , the fifth generation mouse Pokémon would have a prominent place during the Lunar New Year event, which celebrates the New Year in Chinese culture in Pokémon GO . But he will not be the only one, as it was recently revealed that Bidoof will also stand out.

As reported by Pokémon GO News, Bidoof will appear in its colorful version for the first time with the arrival of the event at Pokémon GO . It is expected to take place around January 25, which is when the Lunar New Year feha will take place, although it was not yet confirmed by the Niantic and Pokémon GO team.

The beaver Pokémon will also be part of one of the missions of the Minccino research tasks , in which the Trainers must capture a certain amount of Bidoof or Patrat to complete it, and indirectly in another, where it will be necessary to capture Normal Type Pokémon.

As in all cases where the Shiny version of a creature is added to Pokémon GO, Bidoof will not only be available in its various color version during the event, but will continue to appear after the event , although of course, its Shiny appearance index will be extremely low

Bidoof Shiny

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