Pikachu e Eevee star in Pokémon Day with new aspects

The content related to the Pokémon franchise does not stop. Pokémon GOeven thought that these two creatures will have unique appearances forPokémon Day .

The Pokémon Day event in Pokémon GO is now available . The mobile game added new content for the 23rd anniversary of the launch of the first games of the franchise on February 27, 1996.

Nintendo celebrates this event with great announcements and events. Recall that the recent Pokémon Directintroduced two new games for the Nintendo Switch : Shield and Sword with a new generation of creatures.

On the other hand, Niantic has prepared an event that began on February 26 from 4:00 pm and will last until the 28th of the same month. Pikachu e Eevee will arrive in its shiny form and with unique thematic appearances.

Both creatures will wear a crown of flowers on their heads, and this will be maintained in the different evolutions. Then we leave you images of the leaks that were seen in the Pokémon GO code .

Pokémon GO

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