Shiny Lunastone and Shiny Solrock in Pokemon Go Equinox Event

The time has come to celebrate the change of seasons and Pokemon Go gives its players a lot of wonderful opportunities in their Equinox event this 2019 . One of the most striking rewards is without a doubt the possibility of capturing Lunatone Shiny and Solrock Shiny in what this modality lasts.

While the premise of the equinoction event in Pokemon Go is to catch more grass-like creatures and complete some eye-catching field research tasks, Niantic has decided to take an unexpected turn of events and add a pretty attractive variocolor option.

It is important to mention that Solrock has changed its region and now it is possible to capture it in America and Africa , while Lunatone has been available in Europe, Asia and Australia . The best of all is that the possibility of capturing them in their shiny version is added permanently and you will have several opportunities to get them.

Pokemon Go Equinox Event

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