Pokémon GO confirms New Update of Lucky Friends

We get good news for Pokémon GO players . Niantic has detailed this afternoon a couple of new features that are on their way to the app.

It’s about Lucky Friends and avatar poses . The first function will allow us to get Pokémon with surte when we get lucky friend with someone, while the second one will allow us to configure several poses for our avatars for gyms or the friends list in exchange for coins.

We leave you with the shared message:

There are new and exciting updates to Pokémon GO that will offer you more ways to play and make your adventure.

Lucky Friends

When you reach a Lucky Friend with someone, the next time you exchange Pokémon, both will become Pokemon with luck!

How do you get a Lucky Friend?  When you have an unparalleled friendship, you can become a lucky friend. 

This opportunity will appear once a day when you and your Lucky Friend like no other, exchange Pokémon, open a gift from the other, form a team in the raids and the gymnastics matches or challenge yourself to a Trainer Combat.

How do I know if my unparalleled friendship is a lucky Friend?  As happens when you level up your friendships, you and your unparalleled friendship will receive a notification when you have a lucky friendship. 
You can also see that your new friendship is lucky in the friends list and in your friends profile page.

After completing the exchange, the status of your Lucky Friend will once again be a Lucky Friend without equal.

Do not worry, Coaches, if you follow the same steps, you can return to enjoy your Lucky Friend again.

Avatar Poses
Do you want to get attention in the gyms or in your friends list? 
We present the new avatar poses so that you can customize the pose of your Trainer in the Trainer profile, in the friends list, in the waiting rooms of the raids, in the gyms and in the previews of the combats. 

When you acquire an avatar pose, it will be available in your account for the avatars of Girl and Boy Trainer.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us, Coaches! 
We love being able to offer you customizations and new functions for the game. 

Enjoy exploring!
-The Pokémon GO team

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