The 10 best pokemon of the fourth generation of Pokémon GO

To become the best pokémon trainer there will ever be, as the mythical song of the first opening of the series in Spain said, not only is enough to get all, but also with the best. Therefore, we offer you a list of the ten best Pokémon of the fourth generation of Pokémon GO .

The fourth generation of Pokémon GO arrived at the end of 2018 with 107 new pokémon belonging to the fourth generation Pokémon, the corresponding with the Pokémon games Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, which arrived on the Nintendo DS in 2007. If you want to know which are the best pokémon belonging to the Sinnohregion , attentive to this ranking with its 10 best pokémon .

Notice that, next to the name of each Pokémon, you can see their combat points, which determines the strength of each combat, very important if you want to know how far each of these magnificent pokémon of the fourth generation can go .

The 10 best pokemon of the fourth generation of Pokémon GO

  1. Garchomp CP 3327
  2. Rhyperior CP 2785
  3. Mamoswine CP 2792
  4. Togekiss CP 2466
  5. Rampardos CP 2523
  6. Tangrowth CP 2993
  7. Hippowdon CP 2812
  8. Electivire CP 2739
  9. Torterra CP 2792
  10. Empoleon CP 2813

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