Begins the great Photography Event of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go does not miss a single opportunity to create a new event with which to keep their players entertained. This week’s event will try to get the most creative aspect of all the coaches, since today a photography contest starts in Pokémon Go that will be active until next April 24 and that will allow us to gain fame and even a trip.

Niantic realized long ago that Pokémon Go players loved to take pictures of their Pokémon in different environments. The enormous creativity of some people made the company decide to launch a new camera function in the game, and that allows us to take the best pictures of our Pokémon. Now, Pokémon Go wants to exploit the creativity of the millions of Pokémon Go players with the start of the challenge # GOsnapshot . It is a great photo contest that will have different phases and starts today with the “Companion Challenge”.

Take photos and upload them to networks

This first photo contest begins today, and will end on April 24 . The object of this challenge will be to get the best pictures with our Pokémon companions. According to Niantic, you can use your shared moments in the park or some fun moments at home. Niantic seeks that the photos transmit in the best possible way, the connection between player and Pokémon. In order to participate, each coach must publish a maximum of three favorite photos on Instagram or on Twitter with the #GOsnapshot and #BuddyChallenge tags. It is very important not to forget these two hashtags so that our participation is valid.

Pokemon Go photo 03

How can I win?

Niantic has detailed that it will select the winner of the first prize and the runners-up according to their originality, creativity and the funny visual composition of the snapshots. The champion of each challenge (three in total) will receive a Poképarada and will be paid the costs of the trip and the tickets to attend the Pokémon Festival GO 2019 that he chooses. For their part, those runners-up in each challenge will be able to see their winning photo in a Poképarada for three months.

Pokemon Go photo

Once this first photography contest is over on April 24, the coaches should be attentive, since the next one will start on April 29 , so a new opportunity to win will open.

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