There will be more opportunities to capture legendary Pokémon GO

If you have had trouble enjoying some of the Pokémon GO Raid battles , you should know that soon there will be more opportunities to get all your rewards.

Niantic recently revealed the first details of Legendary Lunch Hour, a new type of event. The company is looking for more ways for players to have fun with the mobile game, so there will soon be a greater number of Raid battle.

Legendary Lunch Hour will start on March 13 and will be available for a limited time. To be exact, the event will last 1 hour, in which all players will demonstrate their skills in various Raid battles.

The new event will be held from noon to 1 PM, local time of each region. Niantic expects Legendary Lunch Hour to become a weekly event, so be aware of how the first edition develops.

“From 12:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the local time in your area, there will be more raids so that together with your friends, co-workers and classmates you can test your battle skills. The first Legendary Lunch Hour will take place on March 13 and, with your help, we hope it will be an event that you enjoy every week, “explained Niantic.

Thanks to this, you will have more chances to catch Dialga , legendary who will disappear from the battles of Raid on March 28. Also, we remind you that the powerful Rayquaza will soon be available as well .

In related news, you’re still in time to enjoy the Battle Showdown, an event focused on fight type Pokémon . On the other hand, Pokémon mobile games have raised more than $ 2.5 MMDD . Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices. Here is more news about him.

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