Pokémon GO: all about the Community Day of April (Bagon)

Next June 23 we can take advantage of a few hours to get as much Bagon as possible in addition to other rewards.

Since Niantic opted for the so-called Community Day in Pokémon GO , the crowds of people in the parks and that memory in the summer of 2016 are repeated at least once. This fourth month of 2019 we will have a new Community Day starring Bagon , specifically on April 13 . Today we review everything we need to know to make the most of this opportunity .

Schedule and date

First things first: when. As we said, it will be this Saturday April 13 when Pokémon GO begins to show nests and more nests of Bagon from 15:00 to 18:00 (Spanish peninsular time), a total of 180 minutes where we must go well equipped with Poké Ball , berries and other objects that facilitate the capture process. Incense, as usual, will be essential if we have a Poképarada nearby.

Bagon: who he is and what exclusive movement he will have

The species # 371 of the National Pokédex, Bagon , is chosen by Niantic to monopolize the screens of our iOS or Android smartphones this coming Saturday. This kind of dragon type was introduced in the third generation, in Hoenn , on the occasion of Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald. Its name comes from baby and dragon , a very simple etymological origin.

But if there is something that has always characterized this evolutionary line, it is precisely the final form. After Shelgon we have Salamence , one of the most beloved dragons in the 2D stage of Pokémon and, surely, also the history of the franchise in general. So much so that Game Freak did not hesitate to give Megaevolución in the sixth generation, when the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire were put on sale in 2014.

Pokémon GO: all about the Community Day of April (Bagon)

How could it be otherwise, on this Community Day we can get Bagon with an exclusive movement, Anger . Our Bagon will learn this dragon-type attack when it has evolved to Salamence, not before.

Bonus and rewards

Although it may seem like a long time, in reality it is not so much if we take into account that the Community Day is only once a month. This time the reward will essentially be an experience x3 each time we capture a Bagon. In this way, instead of 150 points we will take 300 per capture; or 600 if we have a Lucky Egg or more if we make a great / excellent launch. We also recommend that we carry at least one Lucky Egg in the backpack because, if there is a day of the month where it is worth using, it is surely this one.

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