Pokémon GO readjusts Trainer and Raid bouts with major changes

Pokémon GO , in addition to incorporating new content as the arrival of Palkia as new Legendary Pokémon in the incursions or new creatures of Fourth Generation , also stands out for making a series of changes that improve the gameplay. The game of augmented reality has confirmed readjustments in the combats of Coach and Raids, changes in the attacks and more Powdery , among other novelties.

Through a statement on its official website , the Pokémon GO team has confirmed the readjustments in the Trainer and Raid matches and a balance of movements , in addition to additions of movement sets that are already visible in the augmented reality application. Regarding the changes in the combats in incursions, now the Pokémon stand out will enjoy an increase of PS to counteract the increase of damages caused to the attacks of other Pokémon in the last year.

A modification with which from Niantic expect coaches to come together to win and poses a greater challenge when making an incursion or a fight. Regarding the changes in the balance of movements, Niantic has adjusted the power of some movements in the Trainer bouts and has provided the Pokémon with new moves that improve their performance in the races.

Changes in attacks and more dust

Pokémon GO, fighting
  • Cold Frost.
  • Canto Helado.
  • Body blow.
  • Iron Head
  • Magic Brightness
  • Psychocharge

The Pokémon that appear in raids are now more powerful and robust . In the same way, some Pokémon, like Machamp, will be able to learn new movements when using an MT . From the Pokémon GO team have assured that in the coming days will share similar updates , so we must be attentive to what Niantic have prepared for their star game.

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