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Why Compare Auto Insurance Rates?

You could be saving up to $359 per year ($1,031 if you’re an extra safe driver).

Every car insurance company in the U.S. claims they can save you money on your car insurance. The surprising thing is that many of them may be telling the truth.
To make sure you’re saving the most on your coverage policy, experts recommend getting at least 4 auto insurance quotes. With, you get 4 or more locked in rates in just minutes. Start your free online quote comparison today!
Unaware your credit score affects your insurance rate.
Those with average credit scores paid $214 a year more on their auto insurance policies than similar drivers with high credit scores.
Compare Average Car Insurance Rates by State
The best way to lower your car insurance rates might actually be to move to another state. Moving from New Jersey to Idaho, for example, could save the average driver nearly $700 per year on insurance. When you compare car insurance rates by state, why are some so much more expensive than others? In general, there are a few reasons why:
  • Population density: If you live in a heavily urban area, car insurance rates will spike. Collisions, auto theft and vandalism are all much more common in cities, resulting in more claims and higher insurance rates.
  • State regulations: Some states have unusual car insurance requirements, such as high-limit personal injury protection, which can significantly raise rates.
  • Fraud: Auto insurance fraud — such as staged crashes, false medical claims and repair scams — is more common in certain states.
  • Weather: Car insurance rates are often higher in states where extreme weather and natural disasters are common, or have caused catastrophic damage in the recent past. Think Texas (Hurricane Harvey) and Florida (Hurricane Irma and others).

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