Arrival of the ‘Team Rocket’ to Pokemon GO is filtered [PHOTOS]

Prepare for problems and you better fear. The recent leak of Pokémon GO would reveal the arrival of ‘Team Rocket’ to the video game.

It is time that you go carefully because your pokémon could be in danger. This is because a recent leak would reveal that the fearsome ‘ Team Rocket ‘ is about to reach Pokémon GO through a game mode.

This new filtration of Pokemon GO comes from the Twitter Chrales known DataMiner revealed that content as events, legendary arrival and before they reach the augmented reality game of Niantic.

The ‘ Team Rocket ‘ was present in the GO Fest of Chicago, through photobomb, and now last in the GO Fest of Dortmund, because users were surprised by the hot air balloon of the fearsome group while enjoying the Pokémon GO event .

They filter information about the arrival of Team Rocket to Pokémon GO.

According to the filtration of Pokémon GO , users of the game will have matches against ‘ Team Rocket ‘ since this formidable group will steal objects are achieved by rotating disks of pokéstop and will challenge battle coaches to wrest their creatures.

These battles with the ‘ Team Rocket ‘ will be totally thematic, since these bandits will use creatures of the type bicho, sinister, electric, fairy, fight, fire, ghost, plant, flying, earth, dragon, normal, ice, poison, psychic, rock, steel, water; which will force the Pokémon GO trainers to be vigilant. It should be noted that Niantic has not commented on this leak .

Users of Pokémon GO will have thematic battles with Team Rocket, according to filtration.

Users of Pokémon GO will have thematic battles with Team Rocket, according to filtration.

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