All the dates Community Day 2019 were announced by Niantic

Community Day. Niantic confirms the days in which the event will take place during the months of October, November and December, as well as some of its Pokémon.

Take out agendas and calendars. Niantic has shared the date of all the Community Days that are left of Pokémon GO this 2019. Although we already knew that of September, which will take place next Sunday , the 15th , the company has also wanted to announce those of October, November and december . In addition, the last month of the year comes with surprise included, allowing the event to take place two days in a row instead of one.

So that you do not miss any we leave you with the calendar of Community Days made by the partners of LEGENDS ( @LEGENDSLima ). In it also come the two Pokémon revealed to date ( Turtwig for September and Chimchar for November). We also remind you that all events will take place between 11:00 and 14:00 (local time) on the days marked.

All the news of Pokémon GO

This same week, users of Pokémon GO have received many (and very good news), such as the arrival date of the fifth generation (that of Unova / Teselia). It has not been the only one, since Jirachi’s appearance in the game and the 7 missions necessary to capture it have also been announced , a series of challenges called “ the millenary lethargy ”. Last but not least, we have known all the ultrabonus rewards coaches have earned after overcoming all three parts of the last global challenge. A booty so big that it will have to be distributed over three different weeks and will include such succulent things as the appearance ofUnown in the eggs, from Mewtwo shiny, the return of Deoxys , and so on.

With all these updates it is not surprising that Pokémon Go remains a success more than three years after its launch and that Pokemania is still booming . This week we knew, for example, the funny story of a driver who has been arrested for playing Pokémon GO with eight mobiles at once .

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