All pokémon shiny available in May 2019

Next, we are going to offer you a list with all the pokémon shiny available in May 2019 in Pokémon Go. And it is that it does not stop being updated. The game continues to receive events that offer us more and more pokemon shiny. Remember that these pokémon are identical to the originals, but have different colors. They are also called variocolor.

The Detective Pikachu event is now taking place in Pokémon Go . This serves to commemorate the premiere of the film, which is being a success . This event makes pokémon appear frequently in the movie. In addition, we can get a pikachu with a detective cap and with Aipom in its shiny form. Movie clothing is also available for free .

All Pokémon shiny available in May 2019: Updated list

Without further ado we leave you with the updated list of the shiny pokémon available in the game. This has been elaborated by Nits Pokémon Go Argentina .

We remind you that the shiny or variocolor version of these pokémon entered the game through different events. Although these have already finished, it is possible to find the version of different colors of these creatures permanently. The most recent to join this list has been Aipom , the long tail pokémon.

Also, these days it is possible to find Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit in the raids. They also appear in the wild, although with very low frequency . The easiest way to catch them in beating them in the raids, helped by other coaches.

Each of these three pokémon appears in one place in the world . Mesprit does it in Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East. Azelf appears in America and Greenland. Finally, we can catch Uxie in Asia-Pacific.

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