All Missions phase 3rd and 4th Team GO Rocket’s research

Get ready All the missions of phase 3 and four of the special investigation Stalking in the shadows of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO have been revealed.

Pokémon GO has become no man’s land. Team GO Rocket leaders are sowing terror in the augmented reality game and to stop them you must complete the special investigation Stalking in the shadows ; whose missions and rewards of phases 3 and 4 have just been revealed.

Stalking in the shadows is the main ingredient of the invasion of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO . This is because users must complete 18 missions divided into 6 stages to battle the fearsome Giovanni, leader of this group.

The Team is spreading terror throughout Pokémon GO . That is why Professor Willow has requested the help of all fans of the video game to stop Giovanni’s plans and thus save Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos, who are now dark Pokémon.

To do this, fans must complete the special investigation Stalking in the shadows . However, until a few days ago it was only known until the second stage, because one of the missions was completed in five days.

Now that the fifth day of the invasion of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon GO has been completed , images of the third and fourth stage of the special investigation are being shared on social networks, which will bring us closer to the long-awaited fight against Giovanni.

While the missions of stages 3 and 4 of Stalking in the shadows are easy, you should not trust yourself since you will face the leaders of Team , who are using these pokémon and you can review them in this link , in order to create a new Radar Rocket that will make you discover Giovanni’s location in Pokémon GO .

Stalking in the shadows (3/6)

  • Perform 6 super-charged charged moves in a gym battle – 1000 experience reward
  • Win 3 Super Ball League matches against another coach – 1000 experience reward
  • Defeat 6 Team recruits – 1000 experience reward
  • Reward for completing stage 3: 1500 stellar powders, 15 Super balls, and 5 pinia berries

Stalking in the shadows (4/6)

  • Defeat Arlo, Team GO Rocket leader – 1250 experience reward
  • Defeat Cliff, Team GO Rocket leader – 1250 experience reward
  • Defeat Sierra, Team GO Rocket leader – 1250 experience reward
  • Rewards for completing stage 4: 2000 stellar p

The Best Pokémon to Beat Team GO Rocket

Initially, Team leaders made their debut on Pokémon GO a few days ago. But it was only some coaches, from different parts of the world, who were able to face them in the early hours and beat them. They reported this on the networks.

With the recent trailer for the special investigation Stalking the Shadows, it has been revealed that Cliff , Sierra and Arlo are popping up all over the world and have captured powerful dark Pokémon like Tyranitar , Houndoom and Scizor, to beat the Pokémon GO players .

The strange reward you get by defeating a Team GO Rocket leader

With this new invasion of Team GO Rocket , which is about to start in Pokémon GO , Niantic has taken advantage of the fuss that things are in the augmented reality game to add a new reward once you defeat a recruit from this terrible group.

According to recent social media reports, some Pokémon GO users who managed to defeat Cliff, one of the leaders of Team GO Rocket are receiving health potions, Stardust and a Teselia Stone .

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