All about the Pokémon Masters information we know so far

Pokémon Masters is one of the future bets of the franchise that has the best looks. The game for iOS and Android developed by The Pokémon Company and DeNA will be available this summer . Therefore, we have compiled all the Pokémon Masters information offered so far. We leave it to you next.

Until the game comes, you can enjoy Pokémon Go. The game is now celebrating its third anniversary . In addition, a start-up investigation has started a few days ago.

All the information of Pokémon Masters: history, combats and meeting of trainers

The Pokémon Masters adventure takes place on Passio , an artificial island. Many trainers from all over the world have traveled there. Precisely these coaches are characters already known from other Pokémon games.

We can see coaches as charismatic as Red or Blue . In addition, several gym leaders and members of the High Command will make an appearance. Champions from each region will also be present, such as Cintia and his powerful Garchomp.

Another unique feature of this game is that each coach has a unique pokémon . This union of a coach and his pokémon is known as a pair of compis . Red will have his faithful Charizard and Blue will have his Pidgeot. In addition, Brock will be accompanied by his Onix, and Misty from his Starmie, among many other couples.

But, why do all these trainers travel to Passio? Your goal is to win the World Pokémon Masters tournament held there, but it will not be easy to participate. To be able to register, it is necessary to collect several medals, and in order to obtain them it is necessary to win Pokémon combats.

How are the battles?

It is precisely in the pokémon combats where the title is most innovative. We go by parties. For starters, the matches are 3 against 3 in real time , with three coaches. So, while we travel through Passio we meet other coaches who join our cause, and we can choose for our team of 3. Can you imagine a team made up of 3 Champions and their respective pokémon?

In addition, following with the mechanics of the combats, we will be able to execute three types of actions. The first are the classic pokémon movements . After using them, they will need a time to recharge. There is also another action that allows the coach to intervene in combat to heal his Pokémon or improve its characteristics.

Finally, we have the compi movements . These are super powerful attacks, fruit of the union of the Pokémon with its trainer.

And here all the information of Pokémon Masters. Hopefully the wait until your departure does not become too long.

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