Pokémon GO: infinite research trick for the day of Clamperl

Today is the day of Clamperl in Pokémon GO , and there is no better time to operate this trick that will allow you to have endless investigations . Take advantage of the bug, as they say, and complete as many missions and research tasks for these two hours that remain of the event.

It is possible that at first glance you do not believe about this trick , since you can only have three of these tasks and, for the moment, they are only replaced when they complete and ask for rewards like objects or pokémon .

To obtain the seven research seals, users must complete a task on a daily basis; However, this does not prevent them from continuing to carry out these missions or obtain rewards during the course of the day.

Trick to accumulate endless field research in Pokémon GO

Complete the field research task .

Now it will send you to the Pokémon GO map ; However, when you go to field investigations you will see that you have a space or two, it depends on how many times you have done this trick . 

You can do this action as many times as you want, since the tasks you complete will accumulate in the upper part and the creatures will come out in the order you claimed the reward.

On the other hand, there is no time limit to request the rewards, so they will always be accumulated and you can claim them at the time you want, also, as you do this trick  you can free more spaces.

Then, I leave you with an explanatory video made by LioGames.

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