Pokémon GO: an investigation missions for filtered Feebas event, check them all

The Feebas event is the priority today in Pokémon GO after the success of the Hoenn Event . Discover here the research missions that were leaked.

The Feebas event is already under way in Pokémon GO . And that’s why we could not stop telling you about the new research missionsthat have been leaked for it. Discover them all here and take advantage of everything that is at your disposal to make everything as successful as the Hoenn Event

Niantic notified all Pokémon GO users with an event, for a limited time, that has Feebas as its protagonist through field research , which has just been filtered by a well-known dataminer and has generated the joy of all users, since they will be very easy to make.

The new event with Feebas will be held on January 19 for all users of Pokémon GO and will be very similar to a community day in regards to duration, since it will be available in all the pokéstop of the world for only three hours .

This is how fans of the augmented reality game will be very busy over the weekend, as they will be part of two celebrations on the same day: Hoenn Event and Feebas field research .

The dataminer that has filtered all the missions of Feebas is about Chrales, known for revealing valuable and reliable information about Pokémon GO before it is officially announced by Niantic. The tasks were shared from your Twitter account.

According to the insider, Niantic would schedule four research missions that will be in all the pokéstop of the world, but you can only get one of them by poképarada. Next we show you the tasks.

– Hatch an Egg

– Get a candy with your partner

– Make a number of great releases

– Make a number of good releases

The missions shared by Chrales do not show any difficulty for users who play, constantly, Pokémon GO , so if it is true they may be able to get Feebas shiny very fast. Remember that to evolve in Milotic, you must first do it your partner, walk 20 kilometers and use 100 candies.


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