Swinub stars in February Community Day in Pokémon GO

February Community Day will have Swinub as the main Pokémon. On February 16 we will have the opportunity to get your shiny version and an exclusive movement.

The limited investigation of Feebas was held last Saturday. The coaches had to complete a series of field research tasks that gave Feebas a reward. In some cases, Feebas shiny. Since then, Feebas variocolor is available in Pokémon GO. This is not the only shiny Pokémon that has come to the augmented reality application these days.

Thanks to the event of Hoenn  Zigzagoon and Taillow shiny can be caught in Pokémon GO as well as Groudon . The legendary Pokémon of Earth type has returned to level 5 raids along with Kyogre . Both Pokémon can appear in their variocolor version after beating them in combat.

In a few weeks a new Pokémon will be added to the list of Pokémon shiny January 2019, Swinub, thanks to the Community Day of February.

Swinub stars in February Community Day in Pokémon GO

During the January Community Day the coaches had the opportunity to capture many Totodile, including the shiny version of this. As well as Feraligatr with the exclusive movement, Hidrocañón .

Now Niantic has announced when it will be February Community Day. As indicated on the  official page of Community Day, the  event will take place on February 16th from 11:00 to 14:00 . This will be starred by Swinub.

During those 3 hours there will be baits in all the Poképaradas and we will be able to obtain all the Swinub that we want. Of course, we will have the opportunity to get your shiny version.

Image of Swinub shiny and its evolutions that can be captured on the Community Day of February

Of course we can not miss the exclusive movement that will be achieved by evolving Swinub in Piloswine and then in Mamoswine. An attack that has not yet been revealed for the moment.

Finally, as a bonus, you will get three times the number of Powder Stars per capture .

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