Pokémon Go is a video game augmented realitybased on the location developed by Niantic 1 2 for devices iOS and Android . It is a free video game but it contains microtransactions. 3 The game consists of finding and capturing characters from the Pokémon sagahidden in real world locations and fighting with them, which involves physically moving through the streets of the city to progress. The application includes an element of social interaction, since it promotes physical meetings of users in different locations of their populations and forests, among others.

Game mode

It uses augmented reality and according to the original concept, trainers will be able to capture Pokémon until completing a collection. Another objective is to train them to win battles against others. Using the phone’s GPS , the app will notify you with a vibration and a flashing light when the user is near a Pokémon. 5 It also makes use of coins called pokecoins, which can be exchanged for cosmetic and utility items. 6

The video game requires the player to walk the streets of his city to discover all kinds of Pokémon, whose different species appear depending on the area visited. The streets of the real world are represented in Pokémon GO in the form of a map, which shows where the player is. In addition, the Pokémon GO maps include different Pokestops that allow you to discover museums, artistic installations, monuments and historical places, among others. 4

When the Pokémon player or trainer turns on their phone’s camera, they may come across a virtual image of a Pokémon, superimposed on the actual scene behind the lens. To capture the creatures, pokeballs are used . This is one of the characteristics for which the game is considered to be based on augmented reality, since it allows to see reality mixed with fictional elements through a smartphone . 5

Usually, the gymnasiums pokémon are in accessible locations for players of Pokémon GO .